ocean callings

i feel the swing of ocean

breathing at my hair

fly with me

tugging at my sleeves

to plunge into the

churning memories of water


i imagine myself

letting go of the safety rails

and unlocking my soul

to the seething waves

let free of yourself

and come with us.


something floats in front of me

a marble, a bubble

inside it, frothing

are all the colors of the rainbow,

pulsing within the transparent wall.


and then i realize-

that was me.

the bubble contained my imagination,

my inspiration.


it popped.


so all the paintings of my mind

leaked into the heartless ocean;


instantly, it swallowed all that was left of me

turning vivid colors into the same,

deep dark blue.


i turn around

and slowly walk back into

the safety of the ship.


the relentless susurration

of the reckless waves

beckons to me no more.



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