uma capivara falada

i found a capybara beneath the earthen growth today.

he was swimming lazily in a shallow, murky pool hidden under a swamp cypress tree.

unlike other capybara’s of their time, this one swam alone, paddling like he was waiting for someone. i sense a difference in this capybara- i could tell he did not need comfort of others to stand alone. yet i can also see that something has happened, a distant gaze in the eyes that somehow tells me he was wronged by society.

tomorrow brings a fresh day to spend with the creature. i found him fascinating- soon i began to come on a daily basis.

     monday: i brought a salad of leaves for him. he ignored it.

           tuesday: i came back. the salad was eaten.

               wednesday: i brought more food and a pad for him to sit on, if needed. again, he ignored me.

                    thursday:  the food was eaten and he sat on the pad, expecting me. i laid out the food, though he just looked at me expectantly.

                         friday: when he heard me come, he slid off the pad and near the shore. i gave him the food and he nipped at it, piece-by-piece eating it all from my hand.

the amount of friendship and trust bonded within a week found me amazed. how come humans can’t learn the simple act of faith? why do we always need be so backstabbing and hateful? we call ourselves more intelligent, yet when it comes to companionship we can’t even learn from animals.

days past, and we grew to love each other and finally, one day, he spoke:

my family shunned me for i have communicated with the alligator.

he is different from the rest- he does not wish to eat us, yet every day i bring back the scent of the e n e m y and my family grew to act as if i was one myself. they


 of me just a few days before you found me. you say you humans are terrible beasts and that you should take from us, yet we are not much different. you just need to clear free of your past and hold on to the future, and embrace just a little bit more.

you humans are mistakeful, i know. but you can be more.

i saw no more not of the capypara since then. 


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